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There it is. Our affiliate program. BECOME OUR ALLY
There it is. Our affiliate program. BECOME OUR ALLY

There it is. Our affiliate program. BECOME OUR ALLY


Join us. Recommend us. Ear commission.

In business, as in war, in order to win and achieve goals, we need allies. Do you agree with that? The more people with similar values join, the stronger the front and more certain victory. It is so obvious. Therefore, we encourage you to join our affiliate program now, become our ally and collect benefits.

What are we fighting for?

We are fighting for safety of each employee, as well as each employer.

What are we fighting against?

With a lack of awareness, approach of ‘it will be ok’ and shifting the responsibility to others in the event of dangerous situation.


We educate, inform to be vigilant, indicate.

What do we do?

Occupational health and safety trainings, presentations, publications, documents.


So far, we have done it ourselves. Currently, we propose to establish an alliance between you, your followers and our company. Why? We will explain how it looks like:

You – are thinking about ways of getting extra income, but at the same time you wish this was also important and useful for others.

Your followers – are already aware that their business mainly depends on their employees, they want to look after their employees and they try to find the best solutions.

We - can provide professional training, presentations, document templates available immediately and we look for the best ways to inform about it.


Who are we for?

If you are involved in occupational health and safety as a specialist, employer or employee. If you believe that providing occupational health and safety is important and you want to talk about it, even if you are not engaged in our industry. If you run a blog, have a website, YouTube channel, Facebook group – our offer is for you. Become our ally. Talk about our ideas, promote our products, earn commission through our affiliate links

How does it work?

It is very simple:

1. Go to Webepartners platform and open an account

Click HERE for instruction on how to open an account

2. Generate affiliate link

Click HERE for instruction on how to generate affiliate link and widgets

3. Publish and you are done.


Every time client opens the link generated by you,

you will get 10% commission.

What will I get out of joining the affiliate programme?

Alliance is an agreement where all who join, win. If you join, all of your followers with receive access to professional trainings and materials regarding occupational health and safety. In turn, you expand your expertise and gain additional source of income, and we get a chance to reach new clients needing our help. In few words it is win-win-win agreement.

Are you interested? Join us.

If you have any questions or need help, contact us: 


P.S. Before joining our programme, you may ask yourself:

Is it worth recommending our services?


First of all – every company is obliged to conduct occupational health and safety training for its employees. The same applies to preparation and managing the documentation, so the market is very large

Secondly – online training, presentations or document templates can be used by companies in Poland, businesses employing foreign employees can use training or presentations in English or even Ukrainian.

Thirdly – please read our reviews and you will see that our existing clients appreciate our experience and professionalism.


Can you help me?

Yes, at every stage. We will guide you through the process of creating an account and generating links. We will tell how you can write about our products to promote them better. We will provide you with freebies which you can send to interested parties.

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